Case contains

Manifold Paradox

Chance 0.01

White Sentry

Chance 0.06

Golden Fortune's Tout

Chance 0.18

Arc of Manta

Chance 0.41

Arc of Manta - Off-Hand

Chance 0.43

Daughters of Hydrophiinae

Chance 0.72

Slumbering Terror

Chance 0.91

Tormented Staff

Chance 1.07

Shearing Deposition

Chance 1.26

Pale Augur

Chance 1.74

Bracers of the Lost Star

Chance 8.35

Crown of Malice

Chance 8.35

The International 2016 Music Pack

Chance 10.43

Fall 2016 Battle Pass Loading Screen III

Chance 10.43

Ascendant Timbersaw Loading Screen

Chance 13.91

Bow of the Urushin Huntsman

Chance 13.91

Shark Fin Cape

Chance 13.91

Snoot of Eldritch Gnarl

Chance 13.91

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