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Case contains

Blades of Voth Domosh

Pact of the Wurmblood

Fractal Horns of Inner Abysm

Manifold Paradox

Demon Eater

Fiery Soul of the Slayer

Frost Avalanche

Tempest Helm of the Thundergod

Vengeance of the Sunwarrior

Armature of the Belligerent Ram

Bestowments of the Divine Anchor

Hunter of Kings

Spectral Conservator

Lord of the Scouring Dunes

Ravening Wings

Dragon's Ascension

Flight of the Marauding Pyro

Monstrous Reprisal

Compendium Bloody Ripper

Wandering Harlequin's Regalia

Bindings of the Trapper

Dark Reef Escape

Unbroken Stallion

Inscribed The Witch Hunter

Mentor of the High Plains

Inscribed Steam Chopper

Inscribed Fluttering Mortis


Inscribed Battletrap


Inscribed Crystal Scavenger

Fire-Blessed Mail of the Drake Set

Iceborn Trinity

Champion of Discord

Embers of Endless Havoc Set

Cabalist of Dark Magic Set

Inscribed Static Lord

Red Dragon

Imperial Relics

The Second Disciple Set

Random set or Arcana - Drop random Dota 2 skins

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