Open Mega-Kills

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Congrats! Your winnings

Case contains

Mega-Kills: Monkey King

Mega-Kills: Rick and Morty

Mentor of the High Plains

Mega-Kills: Deus Ex

Mega-Kills: The Stanley Parable

Mega-Kills: GLaDOS

Mega-Kills: Lina

Mega-Kills: Storm Spirit

Mega-Kills: Axe

Mega-Kills: Pyrion Flax

Mega-Kills: Fallout 4

Mega-Kills: Juggernaut

Mega-Kills: Techies

Mega-Kills: Pirate Captain

Mega-Kills: Bastion

Mega-Kills: Defense Grid

Mega-Kills: Clockwerk

Mega-Kills: Nature's Prophet

Mega-Kills: Trine

Mega-Kills: Bristleback

Mega-Kills: Crystal Maiden

Mega-Kills - Drop random Dota 2 skins

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