Case contains

Scorching Talon

Chance 0.02

Manifold Paradox

Chance 0.03

Kunkka's Shadow Blade

Chance 0.05

Leviathan Whale Blade

Chance 0.08

Scree'auk's Talon

Chance 0.12

White Sentry

Chance 0.13


Chance 0.15

Inverse Bayonet

Chance 0.18

Genuine Bow of the Howling Wind

Chance 0.18

Blade of the Demonic Vessel

Chance 0.23

Blood Drainer

Chance 0.32

Blood Shard

Chance 0.36

Genuine Hell's Glare

Chance 0.45

Cauldron of Xahryx

Chance 0.57

Inscribed Elixir of Dragon's Breath

Chance 0.58

Genuine Frost Owl's Beacon

Chance 0.62

Arcane Staff of the Ancients

Chance 0.7

Hook of the Basilisk

Chance 0.72

A Bit of Boat

Chance 1.44

Cyclone Wave Smasher of the Divine Anchor

Chance 1.47

Timberthaw Ripsaw

Chance 1.79

The Tail Bash

Chance 5.25

Crescent Bow

Chance 6.13

Lyralei's Breeze

Chance 7.35

Mace of Vincere

Chance 7.35

Breath of The Iron Drakken

Chance 14.7

Dusklight Crescent

Chance 24.51

Hammer of the Stormlands

Chance 24.51

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