Open Taunt



Congrats! Your winnings

Case contains

Taunt: You Prefer Arrows?

Taunt: Shake Your Money Maker

Taunt: Sharp Blade

Taunt: The Magic Ends Here

Taunt: The Master Juggles

Taunt: Raging Bull

Taunt: Spider Shuffle

Taunt: Party On? Party Off!

Taunt: Quick Draw!

Taunt: Shredding the Lute Invisible

Taunt: Troll's Groove!

Taunt: Victory Jig

Taunt: To Hell and Back!

Taunt: RazorFlip!

Taunt: Selemene Leap!

Taunt: The Royal Raspberry

Taunt: Techies Squint and Laugh

Taunt - Drop random Dota 2 skins

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