Open Jackets

1.49$ 2.49$


Congrats! Your winnings

Case contains

Twitch Hoodie

Plaid Jacket

Black and Orange Athletic Hoodie

Day of the Dead Suit Jacket

Woodland Ghillie Suit

Beige Suit Jacket

Red Bone Hoodie

Scorpion Hoodie

Blue and Black Hoodie

Holiday Hoodie

Eagle Flannel Vest

Four Alarm Parka

Red Aloha Polo

Nautilus Jacket

Infiltrator Tactical Shirt

Pro Gamer Hoodie

Enforcer Puffy Jacket

Pandamonium Hoodie

Neko-chan Hoodie

Racing Jacket

JoshOG Leather Jacket

Blue Aloha Polo

Velvet Suit Jacket

Haunted Hoodie

Forest Camo Jacket

Dragon Lodge Parka

Tan Polo Shirt

Arachnid Tactical Jacket

Bandit Flannel Vest

Rancho Taquito Doomed Jacket

First Responder Tactical Jacket

Yellow Raincoat Parka

Risky Business Suit Jacket

Nemesis Tactical Jacket

Nomad Leather Jacket

Scavenger Tactical Jacket

Heavy Assault Polo Shirt

Skull Hoodie

Leather Jacket

Pixel Hoodie

Sniper Farmer Jacket

Spores Polo

Tan Aloha Polo

Jackets - Drop random H1Z1: King of the Kill skins

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