Open Face
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    Case contains

    Kitsune Plated Full Helmet

    Chance 0

    Rainbow Swirl Helmet

    Chance 0

    Skull Face Bandana

    Chance 0.0003

    Evil Clown Face Bandana

    Chance 0.0007

    All American Face Bandana

    Chance 0.0011

    Pink Face Bandana

    Chance 0.0018

    Nightmare Mask

    Chance 0.0018

    Blue Face Bandana

    Chance 0.0021

    Red Face Bandana

    Chance 0.0024

    Camo Face Bandana

    Chance 0.0048

    Blue Camo Tactical Helmet w/Goggles

    Chance 0.0055

    Cigar Hog Mask

    Chance 0.01

    Blue Camo Ski Mask

    Chance 0.02

    Brown Camo Ski Mask

    Chance 0.02

    Patriotic Motorcycle Helmet

    Chance 0.03

    Snowy Ski Mask

    Chance 0.03

    Hunter's Ski Mask

    Chance 0.03

    Rasta Face Bandana

    Chance 0.04

    Paisley Ski Mask

    Chance 0.04

    Gorilla Warfare Full Helmet

    Chance 0.06

    Rainbow Unicorn Mask

    Chance 0.07

    Red Bone Full Helmet

    Chance 0.08

    Infernal Demon Mask (Green)

    Chance 0.1

    Nautilus Diving Helmet

    Chance 0.13

    Apocalypse Mask

    Chance 0.14

    Skull Full Face Respirator

    Chance 0.16

    Infiltrator Advanced Helmet

    Chance 0.17

    Red and Blue Racing Helmet

    Chance 0.17

    Mask of the Jester

    Chance 0.18

    Bandit Helmet

    Chance 0.2

    Frankenswine Mask

    Chance 0.22

    Toxic Mask

    Chance 0.25

    EZW Spiked Helmet

    Chance 0.29

    Orange Racing Helmet

    Chance 0.29

    Full Metal Pumpkin Mask

    Chance 0.36

    Arachnid Full Helmet

    Chance 0.59

    Pandamonium Motorcycle Helmet

    Chance 0.71

    Green Digital Camo Shemagh

    Chance 0.95

    Zimms Red Racing Helmet

    Chance 1.13

    Zimms Yellow Racing Helmet

    Chance 1.77

    First Responder Aviator Helmet

    Chance 1.86

    Nemesis Aviator Helmet

    Chance 2.06

    Nomad Spiked Helmet

    Chance 2.06

    ANGRYPUG Motorcycle Helmet

    Chance 2.19

    Red Tessellated Shemagh

    Chance 2.32

    Blue Shemagh

    Chance 2.86

    Brown Digital Camo Shemagh

    Chance 2.86

    Green and White Racing Helmet

    Chance 3.1

    Haunted Hockey Mask

    Chance 3.1

    Gill Face Bandana

    Chance 7.43

    Contender Luchador Mask

    Chance 12.38

    Eagle Hockey Mask

    Chance 12.38

    Headshot Hockey Mask

    Chance 12.38

    Sniper Tactical Helmet

    Chance 12.38

    Tech Shemagh

    Chance 12.38

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