Open Eyes

2.55$ 10.00$


Congrats! Your winnings

Case contains

Evil Clown Glasses

White Biker Shades

Red Biker Shades

Pink Biker Shades

Blue Biker Shades

Black Biker Shades

Green Biker Shades

Camo Goggles

Starry-Eyed Goggles

Crosshair Eyepatch

Camo Eyepatch

Copper Steampunk Goggles

Red Star Eyepatch

Snakeskin Eyepatch

Copper Eyepatch

Checkered Past Goggles

Beige Eyepatch

Bullseye Goggles

Dusty Steampunk Goggles

Eyes - Drop random H1Z1: King of the Kill skins

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