Open Armor

1.15$ 5.00$


Congrats! Your winnings

Case contains

Red Bone Body Armor

Toxic Body Armor

Police Body Armor

Bandit Makeshift Armor

Sxyhxy's Body Armor

Camo Body Armor

Pink Skull Body Armor

Summit1g's Body Armor

Infiltrator Advanced Body Armor

EZW Armored Championship Belt

Scavenger Body Armor

Desert Warfare Tactical Body Armor

Dead End Armor

Heavy Assault Body Armor

Green Starred Armor

Khaki Body Armor

Desert Warfare Makeshift Armor

Nomad Armored Shoulderpads

Pink Anarchy Armor

First Responder Tactical Body Armor

Hazard Makeshift Armor

Nemesis Tactical Body Armor

Arachnid Tactical Body Armor

EZW Armored Shoulderpads

Gray and Red Armor

Kitsune Tactical Body Armor

Sniper Laminated Body Armor

Tech Tactical Body Armor

Red Star Armor

Rusted Metal Armor

Brown Argyle Body Armor

Green Camo Armor

Armor - Drop random H1Z1: King of the Kill skins

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