Open Airdrop
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Even more interesting and unusual skins in the best case of Airdrop. Every third player gets something rare. Don’t miss the opportunity to decorate your inventory with something cool and meaningful!

    Case contains


    Chance 0.04


    Chance 0.08

    School Jacket

    Chance 1.88

    Woman's Tuxedo Jacket (Purple)

    Chance 2.4

    Sneakers (WHITE)

    Chance 2.47


    Chance 2.83

    Mandarin Jacket (Blue)

    Chance 3.05

    Twitch Prime Balaclava

    Chance 5.35

    Camo Cap

    Chance 5.95

    Protective Glasses

    Chance 6.14


    Chance 8.19

    Ballistic Mask

    Chance 12.59

    Twitch Prime Combat Pants

    Chance 13.89

    Padded Jacket (Camo)

    Chance 35.15

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